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12th February 2012

Getting there

My trip actually started in a local bus station. Bear in mind that the flight to England takes a mere 2.5 hours, whereas getting from Ostrowiec to Kraków’s Balice Airport took us more than 15 hours, with a refuelling stop and an overnight stay in Kielce. So, before the opportunity of tasting cider and all those ridiculously delicious ales and bitters arose, I had to have another sup of „draught” Łomża and „wheat” Okocim which encouraged me to leave my Fatherland even more. read more

4th February 2012

My trip to the UK was long overdue. My mission was clear; to see my parents and to bring back as many things as I could fit into two suitcases read more

4th February 2012

Długo czekałem na podróż do Anglii. Miałem wyraźną misję, chciałem zobaczyć moich rodziców i wziąć tak wiele rzeczy, które jednocześnie mogłyby się zmieścić do dwóch walizek. read more

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