Nothing much of any consequence

Day 3

The day started with a hangover. Breakfast consisted of tea, marmite on toast and paracetamol.

A walk along the seafront was made as far as Holywell. The walk was a struggle with my stomach still feeling very fat from the excesses of the evening before.

Afternoon and early evening entertainment consisted of watching the Twilight movie.

In the evening I had a birthday party to go. I read that the party was being held in the function room rather than the party proper and there was limited space so it was "invited guests only." I realised that I wasn't an invited guest and I had invited myself. Luckily I had seen the birthday boy the previous day and he had apologised for the late invitation as he didn't realise I was in the country (although in reality I hadn't been invited at all).

Anyway after contacting the person organising the party I now had an official invite. I went along to the party armed with my camera, so that I wouldn't get too bored even if there weren't too many people to talk to.

Luckily there were enough people to talk to, some of whom I hadn't seen since before I left the country for Poland.

Day 4

Breakfast entertainment was provided by Russian television. There was an interesting documentary about men in Kazakhstan who are taking second wives. The interviewees were being in Russian with subtitles in English. I was surprised by how many words I understood. Knowing Polish is indeed a good base for learning Polish. Perhaps I should started learning for Russian.

Apart from the usual walk along the seafront the rest of the day's entertainment was mostly televisual. Another Twilight film which stretched the limits of credulity. Then a film called Oculus about an evil mirror which, for four hundred years, has been impelling people to do things against their will.

Evening television was Come Dine With Me. Later in the evening it was time to visit a friend to watch a film (the music for which had been done by a mutual friend). Ciders were purchased and the film was watched. Most of the rest of the evening was spent listening to and discussing Michael Jackson's new album. Xscape has released from beyond the grave and 'reworked' by currently hot producers such as Timbalake. The songs, quite frankly, sounded a bit of a mess. Then we listened to the same songs un-contemporised, much better :)

Day 5

During the day I managed to visit to my parents (this time I didn't have any gifts to take). In the evening there was a pub meal to enjoy.

Day 6

I got a fairly early bus back to Brighton. Unfortunately I had managed to lose my headphones somewhere in Eastbourne so that was one source of entertainment not available. Internet was running low too. There were people to meet and shopping to do. I went to Bella Cafe (keeping the Twilight theme running). A nice vegetarian breakfast made sure that I wouldn't go hungry for a while. I managed to meet an old friend who I hadn't seen for a while. This was a Polish guy who had helped me learn the instrumental case in Poland. So, I shall be eternally grateful for that. In the afternoon I headed for the town centre (via the seafront). Even though it was only three months since my last foray into Brighton quite a few things had changed. Construction of the i360 viewing had started (well clearing the site at least). Various Mexican restaurants have popped up too. I managed to buy some pencils, a couple of short-sleeved shirts and some new trainers. In the evening I managed to get some more presents for friends (some incredibly cheap cheese and some bacon).

My coach was very early in the morning, so it was a difficult decision as to whether to get a few hours sleep or just stay awake all night. I opted for the red-eye approach. The flight soon passed and I was back home in Poland in time for a very active and tiring week.

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