No looking back

A long and tiring installation has just been completed. We are not talking about a new operating system here, but something altogether more complicated...

What has been installed is in fact me, in a new flat...

The last flat had a lot going for it. I had a massive room (of which I only used half), the kitchen was spacious and the bathroom similarly fantastic. The location was good too, on the edge of Kazimerz and a short walk away from all my favourite bars. It wasn't all rosy though, it was dark and cold despite spending large amounts of money on trying to keep the place warm.

So, the decision came to find somewhere new. Cheaper to rent and cheaper to heat. That meant moving slightly away from my beloved Kazimierz, a place which is dominated by stone tenement blocks.

The new place was found and after careful measurements were made on Google maps it was passed (by me) as being "an acceptable distance" away from the centre. The flat is, in fact, the same distance away from the station as the old place. Kazimierz, not quite on the doorstep, but still within a reasonable walking distance. Galeria Kazimierz (another of my favourite haunts) a wee bit closer.

Moving day came. Unfortunately the van and driver that was expected didn't materialise and I had to move most of my belongings by taxi. I was kind of expecting some help from the taxi driver. I was slightly dismayed when the taxi driver arrived. Not only was the taxi driver female, pregnant and busy chatting on the phone when the cab arrived. I knew I wouldn't be getting much help from her.

After filling her taxi with my possessions and a short drive (I think my driver had ambitions of being a racing driver or something some such) we arrived at my new abode. Getting my things up to the fourth floor proved to be good exercise. It is said that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. In my case my legs were weakened by the effort and still aching a couple of days later.

The next tiring task was bringing my flatmates possessions (including various kitchen and household items to the new flat). Again more stair climbing, but at least this time we had the help of two strong men and a capacious van to help us.

Saturday, I had decided, would be a day off and time to go exploring. The new flat is located in a rather pleasant residential location. We are located in the least attractive part of it, but at least transport links are good. First stop was the shopping centre on Aleja Pokoju. McDonalds was there, but no breakfasts. Not because I was too late, but because they simply don't do them there. Thoughts of the famous fast food restaurant hold-up scene from "Falling Down" were running through my mind.

The day also brought a few other nice little surprises. First, I managed to acquire a long sought-after book in a discount book shop in Galeria Kazimierz. I had a very nice dinner reading my new book outside our very local Chinese restaurant. I returned to the flat to continue reading and veg out while my flatmate restored order to the rest of new home. During a cigarette break on the balcony (despite the stressful week it was only my flatmate who was doing the smoking) we discovered that we have an additional flatmate. Just as I was tidying up the balcony I noticed a pigeon had just scuttled out from behind a chest of drawers on the balcony and flown off. I looked behind the chest of drawers and saw a solitary egg laying on the astroturf. So, it looks like we are stuck with that pigeon for a little while longer.

So, the conclusion(s) to be drawn from moving. Number one, I have too much stuff. Number two, who you live with is more important than where you live (provided everything is within half an hour's walking distance). My flatmate, the pigeon (with another one yet to be hatched) and I are very happy in a our new home. The next place I move to will have a lot more storage space, a lift (if required) and a jacuzzi.

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