Barcelona - Last Day on Holiday

It was the last day of our holiday. It started like any other...

The alarm rang, I snoozed it. Repeat three times.
"Honey, you must get up and get dressed. We don't want a repeat of yesterday". The day before we'd got up too late for breakfast in the hotel and had a rather unsatisfying meals of lots of tiny tapas dishes.

I showed her the guide book "Also, we haven't seen all of the top ten tourist attractions. So today we're not going shopping and we're not going to the beach regardless of the weather".

First Katie announced, "We must watch the news" "Why bother?" I asked "It will be the same news as yesterday. Pavarotti will still be dead and the McGann girl will still be missing"

After filling ourselves up with breakfast we headed off to the waxworks. "This should be fun", I thought, "Maybe take some pictures of Kasia with Michael Jackson". The reality was slightly different. Half the figures were of Spanish dignitaries and worse than that, no photos! We did manage to take one sneaky photo. Katie with a bare-breasted cavewoman in the background. Not suitable for showing to grandma.

After watching some breakdancers in Las Ramblas we stopped for a nice relaxing drink before continuing our tour. In the gothic quarter we stumbled upon a little shop. Our no-shopping rule was broken, but Katie had bought a short silky dress, so I wasn't too upset.

Whilst waiting for Barcelona Cathedral to open we sat in the square enjoying an ice cream and watched the folk dancers doing their thing. I was worried that we wouldn't get into the cathedral, Katie was showing too much flesh. Fortunately at the ticket office they were selling little shawls. The interior of the cathedral was magnificent with high ceilings, stained glass windows. The roof offered fantastic views of Barcelona. Back down on ground level I took some lovely photos of the geese in the courtyard.

Next stop was the Salvador Dali Museum, another essential item on the tourist trail. Lots of nice drawings and photo opportunities. "Honey, you're not supposed to touch the exhibits"

After that it was Parc Guell. Gaudi's idealist fairytale style park. In the evening we planned to go to one of Port Olympus's many restaurants for dinner. We'd been there a few times during the day and it was really nice for some al fresco dining. It was a good opportunity for Katie to wear her short dress and for me to stuff my face. "Mexican tonight" I think. Fortunately when we arrived at the Port someone was handing out flyers for the Mexican restaurant on the upper level. It always worries me when a restaurant is empty. My fears were to be unfounded. We had a lovely meal washed down with a few jugs of sangria.

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